- I was hoping that you cared, I was distant, I was scared -

Hello guys!

Chloe here with some of my favorite stuff from the N21 event this round!
I’m currently sick and Well I didnt feel like editing this too much.. SL decided to mess up the shadows on my face alot, but I did all I could to save it, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyways!




Jacket: [Foxes] – Aviator Jacket @N21

Septum: C h a r y .- Septum Ring- 7 (Silver) RARE @N21

Choker: Quirky – Does it offend you? – RARE @N21

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fernanda

Jeans: KITJA CHERIE – Eve Jeans @Kustom9

Boots: REIGN.-Lavie Boot- @Kustom9 

Tattoo: Garmr – the wild

Skin: Essences – Tila


Im Just InLove

Hair-SpellBound Velvet Black White DipDye Gatcha@Tag
Outfit-Amitomo Roll Up Shorts@Chapter 4
BloodyFeet-Clemm Bloody feet hunt gift@ Furimaketto.
Bloody Hands-Clemm@mainstore
Makeup1-.random.Matter. Misery Brows
Makeup2-Z.S Head Trauma Tat V6@Bloody Horror Fair
Makeup3-LDP Beaten Up Tattoo@Bloody Horror Fair
Wings-LDP Death Wings@Bloody Horror Fair
Key-DirtyStories Angel Dolls Key@The Mystic Realms
Pose1-Luxe Ariana6 Curvy
Pose2-Luxe Sabreen4
Eyes-Dead Apples Striking eyes Bloom
Stache-NOX Lady Tickler Piercing@SD
Skin-Chickadee Rinnie Snow
Bag-Flite raiders Bag Axe@N21

..I’ll go on a journey to find you ..

Hello loves!…srry been slow loging the past few weeks :C ..but i shall have tons of stuff for you this week and next week ill be doing a few Halloween posts!Pekka has a new event item for Fantasy Collective and this choker is part of it! Buzzeri has new eyes at the spooky theme of Cosmetic Fair….[CX] Has these awesome chunky sandals that i think are mega cool along with these claws that will be great for anything! N21 has started and the hand tattoo i one of Elska’s Items for the event!…NOW FOR BACK GROUND OF THIS POST! This post is based off one of my favorite favorite favorite Anime’s Samurai Champloo! and m favorite charecter other then Logan Is Jin and i was like what if he had a long lost sister?XD….And wlel Hello my name is Lin LOL!….But i love how it came out and i love Jin >:OO \o/ other then that happy shoping and if you havent watched the show get to watching!>:O xoxox Bubsy Tsubaki <3

Choker~.Pekka. Triquetra choker – blackened steel@FantasyCollective
Eyes~[Buzz] Bewitched Eyes – Winter@K9
Sandals~[CX] Grungy Geta(Black)@The Season Story
Claws~[CX] Ring Claws(Black Blood)@Gacha Mania
Hair~little bones. Palmistry – B&W @BodyMod
Scar~Anatomy + Lovely Disarray : Face Scar [Cheek & Nose]@BodyMod
Tattoo~elska – Lacey@N21
Weapon~.tsg. Kawaii Katana – Black
Kimono~/// offbeat /// Okinawa summer festival look2 – print01
Skin~[AMITOMO]Diana Tone1
Hat~PFC~NinjaStuffs – Kasa
Glasses~! ellemeno ! clean glasses – black

..::Lustrage::@Suicide Dollz!!..

::Lust Rage::Yue Moons@ Suicide Dollz
Im so late i could be prego -.- Lol….Heres my item for this round of SD.something very simple and cute…dark styled based on The Dark Moon….Evil sailor moon?O.o x3….But named after the moon spirt from Avatar …anyways..i talk to much….heres a few colors….making more colors one day …Also there will be blog posts soon i promise! sorry things have been slow!

..Late At Night..

Hiya Loves new post time finally! have another one coming this week too!((I hope))..But there is tons of new events going on this month and so many items are out and ready…make sure you go and get everything! Atm the brows are mmyyy favvvorite and the eyes and the blood and just ugh so much yes!Lovely Disarray has brung her butt back to work and did a collab creation with Anatamy,Fossy face of random.matter has made and done tons of new items for so many events and places so make sure you go get all the things and i shall post more \o/….also if u havent heard yet Body Mod Expo is open and ready for shopping make sur eu go by my store and picke up the necklaces!\o/ xoxox happy shopppinggg!!

Ghost~Birdy – Trickster Pals – Cat@TAG
Shoes~REIGN.- Ari Boots- Fatpack@FaMESHed
Necklace~::LustRage::Nobuko Chain-Luna-Silver@BME
Necklace~::LustRage::Nobuko Chain-Leviathan-Silver@BME
TattooOnUpperBod~.Reckless. – Gran (Faded)@BME
TattooOnLegs~elska – Like Mother Like Daughter@BME
Hair~little bones. Heartthrob – Browns@BME
Face Scars~Anatomy + Lovely Disarray-Madness:Facial Scars[Lower/Left Side]@BME
Bindi~.Pekka. Bindi cleo – blackened steel@BME
Septum~.Pekka. Marcia septum – blackened steel@BME
BellyBotton~.Pekka. Navel Cross Unisex Piercing
Choker~.Pekka. Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]
EyeBrows~[Buzz] Cara Eyebrow@Seasons Story
Horns~.random.Matter. – Borgin Horns – Black@BloodyHorrorFair
RightEye~.random.Matter. – Salvatore Eyes – Bloody – Icek@BloodyHorror
Face/eyeBlood~.random.Matter. – Salvatore Bloody Eyes Tattoo (Streaks)@BloodyHorror
NoseChain~.random.Matter. – Orianthi Nose Chain – Black@Mystic Realms
Eyeliner~.random.Matter. – Magnus Eyeshadows@Cosmetics Fair Oct.15
ring1~.random.Matter. - Crowley Finger Claws – Silver
Bracelet~.random.Matter. – Crowley Bracelet – Silver
Socks~Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks ColorSet
Skin~(*ANGELICA) DAISY :peach:
Hat~+Spellbound+ Hecate
Knees~-SU!- Bloody Knees 01
Stockings~-SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #07
EyeLeft~{Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Revenge
Skirt~P O. Japanese Charming Skirt_Cool
Ring2~REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Tuscan (BLACK) RARE

What a waste of time

Hat-DirtyStories Witch Hat Black Rare@Halloween Blackout Gacha
Hair-LCKY Zammie Pastel II @ Candy Fair
SKin-Sera Porcelain@The Gathering
Top-L.inc Loose Tanktop White
Shoes-DIrtyStories Pumpkin Heels DIrty Rare@Halloween Blackout Gatcha
Jacket-Pixicat Crew.Jacket TrickTreat@Candy Fair
Elbow Pads-Pixicat CrewArmor TrickTreat@Candy Fair Gatcha
Skirt-Villena Skater Skirt Black
Eyeshadow-.random.Matter. Magnus Shadow Snow@Cosmetic Fair
Eyes-NOX Asylum Black Out Eyes@Bloody Horror Fair
Necklace-.random.Matter. Amory Necklace Black@Body Mod
Septum-.random.Matter.Cthulhu Septum @Mystic Realms
Hand Tattoo-Niju Mecha Hands
Nails-SHock colorful emotions@Body Mod

…::LustRage:: Nobuko Chain Luna & Leviathan…

New@Body Mod Expo!

The event will open on the 10th ((its open))
But this is the starter of my necklace collection :D…so happy shopping if any questions just ask other then that read the notecard before contacting me when purchasing :3

xoxox Bubsy