Isnt it strange that everytime i look at your name im suddenly high

Hair-.Olive. the Valena Hair
Top-:::LP::: Oversized_Blouse – Black(old K9)
Pants-[LDP] -ALIEN- Leggings Group Gift
Shoes-REIGN.- Moccasin Boots- Black@fameshed
Backpack-::LustRage::Akuma Backpacks@D5
Ears-.DirtyStories. Mechanical Bunny Ears@D5
Glasses-.random.Matter. – Hastings Glasses(old n21)
Pipe-[NikotiN] Pipe Weed (Wood) RARE(chapter 4)



…Caught In Our Thoughts…

Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . bamboo (c)@FGC
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . lantern (c)@FGC
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . meditation stones (c)@FGC
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . single rock (c)@FGC
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . bridge (c)@FGC
Alchemy/Birdy – Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – White@The Chapter Four

Dress~!dM Sakura – ShibariDress **RUBY DRAGON**@FGC
Eyes~[Buzz] Celestial Eyes-Wolf@Kustom9
Shadow~[Buzz] Late Night Shadow – Red((N/A))
Shoes~Blah. (My Elevated Getas) Traditional Black
Hair~.Olive. the Darla Hair – HUD 1((Tinted Gray to make the gray black)) @C88
*Cila*YuanWu LiuGuang scimitar weapon@FGC
Staff/HeadDress~*May’s Soul* Mei Mei princess Headpiece and Staff@FGC
Cuffs~.Pekka. Astrid bracer – gold – RARE@FGC
Nosechain~22769 ~ [accessories] Nose Ring Gold@FGC
Belt~::Axix:: Mushu ChestBelt Red@FGC
HairPins~[Tia] Empress Hairpins – RARE@FGC
Facepaint~[BUC] “The Major” War Face Paint (Red & Black) NEW

..Flight to Neverland ..

In Honor of Robbin Willams RIP….This post was orginaly for the fun of it..But then we lost someone we all knew and love to watch on our screen and grew up watching either as a 80’s child or a 90’s or even before we were born..He always made us smile and laugh even on days we didnt want to…Hook was one of my favorite movies he stared in and was one of his greatest achivements in his career :3….RIP ROBBOB! <3

Raft~:CP: Castaway Raft RARE @FGC
Stearing Wheel~:CP: Castaway Wheel @FGC
Telescope~LISP-Kepler Telescope

What Aya is wearing
Hair~Tram C607
Hat~Alchemy Pirate Hat Brown @FGC
Dress~Alchemy Pirate Wench Brown @FGC
Shoes~Lassitude & ennui Paramour Brown
Glasses~Random Matter Hastings Glasses Black((N/A))

Neckleace~Riske-Ambrose Steampunk Necklaces

 What Chloe is wearing:

Hair~: MOON{Hair}. Back & Forth @ Old round of N21((N/A))
Garter~.:LustRage:.- Goth Pirate Garters
Necklace~[MF] – Skull necklace
Gun~[MF] – Flintlock pistol
Eyepatch~Alchemy-Captain Eye Patch-Purple RARE  @FGC
Coat~Alchemy-Captain Wench  @FGC
Hat~Alchemy-Captain’s Hat-Purple-RARE @FGC
Raven~Alchemy-Odin’s Raven
Skin~Essences – Tila
Saber~Gwen’s store-Pirate saber

What Im wearing:
Pants~.:villena:.-H/W Leggings BlackLeather
Necklaces~.random.Matter.-Bane,Fell Necklace@FGC
Belt~.random.Matter.-Jace Belt – Noir
Skin~[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire2_Dawn
Mouth~.Loud Mouth.-Alli
EyeMakeup~[ni.Ju] Dusk Tattoo
Tattoo~elska – Satan Loves You
Jacket~-Pixicat-Captians Jacket @FGC
NoseChain~.Enfant Terrible. Moonchild NoseChain @FGC
Head Jewl~.Pekka. Somilia Head piece-Gold-RARE @FGC
Rope~[Haste] Uni Rope Harness Rare Black XXS @FGC
Animal~Alchemy-Jack The Monkey @FGC
Hat~Alchemy-Captain’s Hat – Red – RARE @FGC
Weapon~Wimey: Sword of Lightning RARE (C) @FGC
Brows~::Lust.Rage::-Yuki Brow ((Still some Left Over))@D5
Shoes~REIGN.-Scandal Pumps- Black@Big Show

Ask me if i do this everyday i say often

Haiiiiii so i went shopping and put this togetherrrr andddd i made my sisssy/bbg blog with me :33 dont ask why she is all that she just is oki!!! lmaooo so there are alot of events going on like my geez Q…..Q the piggy banks getting dry lmaoooo but gooo shop Sissy Creds here :333 >:OOO
Hair-+Spellbound+ NachoBitch // Monochromes
BodySuit-lazybones – catsuit – white
ArmBands-.DirtyStories. Emo Armband Black RARE@D5
ArmBand2-Nana – Behemoth Armor Black
Shoes-FLite. -Skyhigh Black 1.1@Old Event
Tattoo–UtopiaH- Infected Rash Tattoo@SD
Pipe-[NikotiN] Pipe Weed (Wood) RARE@Chapter4
Necklace-Riske – Ambrose Steampunk Necklace Ash@D5
Pose-Posetivity Kayla 1

Dont Give Me up..

Soooo yeahh im back anddd ive been feeling some type of way lately lol soooo this song fit my mood >…….< i really like birdy ^^ and since i had paper ones to blog i figured it fit oh oh and i didnt something diffrent with my edit this time :DD i tink i like it lol anyway on with the creds :33…

Hair-MOON{Hair}. Buoyant – Ombres@N21
Dress-:FY: Rosie Dress (pack 02)@Big Show
Pose-. Infiniti . – Paper Birds – 10@fantasy Gatcha
Necklace-Riske – Ambrose Steampunk Necklace Molten@D5
Nails-[ S H O C K ] Slink Wild Black Nails@Black Fair

-Give these dry lips words to speak-


SO this round of N21 is about to end, so I THOUGHT I would make a quick post about some of the MANY amazing items you can find there, which you SHOULD get or at least check out before it ends! Ok so here we go then :3


Facebook page



Hair: (epoque hair) – Fighter

Necklace: {PopTart} – Creep Necklace

Tanktop: .mute. –  Muted Tank ( comes with hud that contains 8 different prints)

Pants: [Pumpkin] – Tapered trousers NEW!

Shoes: FLite. -Milos @N21

Glasses: .random.Matter. – Hastings Glasses (Comes with 4 different options, Open, closed half open and and half closed, go check them out, very creative!) @N21

Popsicle: .PANIK. –  Kitty Popsicle @N21

Forehead thing: AMAYA ~ Shadow Bindi @N21

Skin: Essences – Tila


TATTOO: .Reckless. – Conflicted @N21

Panties: – Kari G string (Main store currently NOT open )

-Give these dry lips words to speak-









..With a fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene..

Hello my lovelies! sorry its been so long….been working on some items for Distric 5…there almost done! now lets hope i can make it in time X_x and my internet wont be turned off -.-..the struggle!…anyways..heres some more stuff from N21 and FGC!..As you all know ive been on a Asian kick and im loving it still….and wont give it up anytime soon -.-…Tsg has release new katana’s which have cool animations fighting and posing!((poses in picture arent from the animations)) and i love it so yay EILFIE \o/!!! This Ninja kit from PFC’s Gatcha for Fantasy Gatcha Carnival is the beezneez t was so hard picking what to wear bc i wanted to wear everything..but i had to show off this cute top/dress….the top is supose to be a dress but i wanted to wear this skirtso i went with it >_> its still total doesnt cover it much really! so yall need to get ur monie together and hit up the event >:| …N21 ends in a few days…so you have aout 3-5 more days to get your items…other wise you will never see them again!! in any of the stores….limited time offers will be gone :X…anyways back to work i go….love and hugs everyone happy shoppinggggg


Hand Katana~.tsg. Kawaii Katana – Black NEW!
Tea House& Furniture~22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tea House SET@FGC Opens the 8th
Straw Hat~PFC~NinjaStuffs – Kasa @FGC Opens the 8th
Ropd Weapons~PFC~NinjaStuffs – lethal ribs @FGC Opens the 8th
Belt~PFC~NinjaStuffs – Ninjutsu belt @FGC Opens the 8th
Tops~=Kio= Oriental Desire – Black Rare@FGC Opens the 8th
Hair Fan/sticks~=Kio= Oriental Desire – Hair Decor EPIC@FGC Opens the 8th
Skin~[ MUDSKIN ]_Kiss of Vampire2_Dawn@Okinawa Summer Fetsival
Eyes~[Buzz] Arcane Eyes-Pitch NEW
Hair~[taketomi]_Meisa_Fatpack (wear)@N21
Heels~REIGN.- SABETH HEELS- Fatpack@N21
Septum~Just Magnetized – Genesis Septum – Onyx / Black@Mens Department
Skirt~Paperbag. Killer Slits Maxi Skirt Black