..I Just Want To Be Happy Because Im Tired Of Fighting..

Fighting Mental Health is annoying.

Choker~::Lustrage:: Alien Choker(BLACK)(contact me in world)
Ears~.random.Matter. – Soorin Ears
Necklace~.random.Matter. – Hobi Chokers – Get Bent [Silver]
Eyes~[ MUDSKIN ]_LUISANT EYELENS (Powder Pack January 2018)
Skin~[ MUDSKIN ]_YURI # 2_104@KUSTOM9
Glasses~[ MUDSKIN ]_IT’S NOT MY GLASS# 1 (normal)@KUSTOM9
Leggings~[Pumpkin] Cotton Leggings – Black
Hair~Beusy: “Pause” Hairstyle #2 [The Game Over Gacha / Item] COMMON@ THE EPIPHANY.
Bangs~Sintiklia  – Bangs pack Yoselin Group GIFT
Closeup~taikou x momento / you and i – hanging mask #1
Hat~taikou x momento / long strap hat #1
Fullbody~taikou x momento / you and i – mask #1
BG~taikou x momento / you and i backdrop RARE


…Something You Forgot…

Okies soooo this post is about mer shoes XD got them on sunday a gifty from mer loving wifer Suki…and yes imma spoiled brat >~< but its not my fault! but watch imma get her back she just dont knwo…while she does know XD but yer :P…ayways i love her to death and back bc frankly without her i might be falling apart or something rofl and not being able to deal with half the shit that goes on in my sl or rl…We Bonie and Clyde :OOOOOOOOOO or Beyonce and Jay-z O.O…oh shit we gonna have a babeh and name her Blue XD jking rofl but yea idk what i would do without her ^^ Mer Harley to Mer Posion Ivy ❤ ….Okies ayways 😛 enough of mer mushy stuffs back to the fashion and look at hand! theres alot of goods and such i am wearig….Okies i think that about everything for this post O.O …i hope you all enjoy it and have fun ^^ hugs ad kisses ad happy shoping! xoxoxo! OOWWW!!  forgot about mer Mask!! i love this thing! theres like 13 of them in a pack! and there uber adorable! the first tiem i see them was on mer Nugget Bear’s lil sister and shes just about adorable as hell >.> 😀 hugies to Aya!!visit her flickr too youll see the cutenss >.>


Ears:**MI** Desert Gold Fox Female(Part of Fox Avi Moded)

Tail/Pack:*brass* [ContraptioN] Walton’s Parade: Devil’s Tail BOXED

Goggles:*DL* Kimiko – Aviator Steampunk Goggles

Shirt:*Milk* Starry eyed bish corset

Braclets:: Amorous : Helix (Bracelets)

Color::Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] @Voodoo

Eye Perings:<-Puncture-> Eye Piercing (Studs) – Basics

Hair:[e] Over – Essentials Collection

Harness:[H]arsh Female Harness FAT Pack (BOX)

Knuckle rings:[whatever] XXL Spikering – silver

Nails/claws:La Malvada Mujer – Claws Black

Masks:. 13 kietsu masks . @candy moutain


Jeans: [BLK]Female -Rebel-BlackJeans

Boobs:Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 :::

SiniStyle Taped Guts