HELLOO LOVES…..I have alot going on so dudundudnudn….Aya is moving along with chloe being busy irl there for i am trying to pick up all there work too while they are gone….Anyways….Here are somg new items that are at Fantasy Gatcha Carnival,which is open!N21 were there are some cute hairs and awesome tattoos![CX] has tons of new items and in this post theres a few and more to come!LUXE is at sad novemeber with some really cute things and a awesome ring set gatcha!@_@ so much stuff and imma dye of joy **rolls around in boxes of all the things**…Anyway make sure you go and grab everything while u can! :] xoxoxo happy shopping

Cuff~.random.Matter. – Pycell Cuff – Gold@N21
Eyes~[Buzz] Celestial Eyes – System Eyes
Neckless1~[CX] Acorn Surprise@OneWord
Hairsticks~[CX] Bloody Autumn Blooms @Terror-iffic Hunt
Bindi~[CX] Hua Dian@We<3RP
neckless2~[CX] Skin Deep Retake@Xiasumi School Festival
Skin~[theSkinnery] Chloe 9 (champagne) RARE(old arcade)

ArmBrace~Luas Vega Bracelet Up L Golden@FGC Nov.4th
Thong~Luas Vega Thong Golden@FGC Nov.4th
HairBase~PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK@Showroom
Bra~Karma-Top Gold @FGC Nov.4th
Rings~LUXE.Dainty Ring set@ Sad November
Head Chain1~.Pekka. Maxi headdress@FGC Nov.4th
Tattoo1~elska – Into the Woods@ Sad November
Tattoo2~elska – Leaves of Change@ Sad November
Hair~little bones. Dark Chapel@N21

Tattoo1~.Reckless. -Monarch@TMD
Tattoo2~elska – Applique@N21
Hair~little bones. Rapunxel@N21

Hair~MOON//Mias La//Essential@N21

Hair~MOON//Chloroform Mutt@N21

Tattoo~Elska-The Last Flower@ Sad November

Hair~.Olive. The Mir Hair-Brownie Melt RARE@FGC Nov.4th
Tattoo~Reckless.-Cornucopia@ Sad November



Skirt/Top:#F Koko Skirt Set (Milk White)@Bigshow Skin:(*ANGELICA) DAISY :peach: Hair:+Spellbound+ Bubsy Necklace:.: Buttery Toast:. Kawaii – Pink@Manga Fair Horns:.PANIK. Candy Horns – Violet/Noir @Limited Project Bracelet:.random.Matter. – Crowley Bracelet – Silver@We<3RP Cuff:.random.Matter. – Crowley Bracer – Silver @We<3RP Finger:.random.Matter. – Crowley Finger Claws – Silver @We<3RP Shoes:::Lethal:: Crocks – White Slink Low Glasses:

[Buzz] Kaleido Glasses@The Season Story

..The All Mighty Stand..

Ello my loves! lots of new news!XD…One i got asked to blog for Alchemy and im so excited for the jurany to come ahead being aprt of the team! my first post is on the stuff from fantasy gatcha carnival..it has reopened and theres tons of goodies there going on so im mega amped about them!this is the female and male items(one of the weapons)…im in love with this look..i think the only time id be happy to RP bc id just wear alot of stuff -.- LOL..but dont have the time sadly pwahaha..anyways…go hit the FGC! i shall be doing or trying to do tons of catching up on stuff the next 6 days so that way i can have a 3 day break at least to play tera >.>.. the new glass is coming and ive been waiting damn near a year for it it seems rofl…and its finaly come!…anyways..ttyls happy shoping xoxo my lil ragers! (>0_0)>

↓Fantasy Gatcha Carnival StuffLM↓
Alchemy-Drengr Grimmr-Shield-Gold
Alchemy-Drengr Grimmr Axe-ULTRA RARE
Alchemy-Huntress Scythe-ULTRA RARE
Alchemy-Lion Hood unisex-White-RARE
↓Everything else im wearing!!↓
*May’s Soul* Nose Chain simple gold
-Chary-Mode Paint (black)
.Birdy. May Skin ~Pure~(might be N/A)
[LeLutka]-LIVELY hair/Naturals
[ni.Ju] Saccharum Tattoo . metallic Liner
Cute Poison-Ova Piercings
IKON Ardent Eyes-Clarity
ILLMATIC::The Perfect Teeth-Vamp’d Gap

..Falling Into Bitter Ends..

Ello muh lovelys…so as you can see theres tons of stuff from different events rofl….i think i went over bord?XD oh well! i love this look *__* after bring forced to watch Baby Meatl 39483982 times i got a red and black idea along with some japenese/Korean/Chiniese…thing going on O.O….in this post ive covered Luck of the irish,More WCF3,more The Big Show,And Buzz@ Skinfair! 😀 lalala…Tsg went and made past skins Vampy toned!*__* so i happy and stuffs lalala….Buzz made some cute brows and lippies too *__* in the ad she has tho is more skin tested for i think Atomic skin or essence and well ehre tsg XD…:D so go gets stuffs…imma hush muh face :/..happy shoping! *^* ofc i love this song tho Koda and Coma ftw!<3333

Brows~[Buzz] Natalia Brows @Skin FairSim3
Lips~[Buzz] Sweetheart Lips @Skin FairSim3
Lips~[Buzz] Jelly Lips @Skin FairSim3
Skin~.tsg. Vampy Skins@TBS
BodySuite~*MUKA* Milla -black@TBS
Garter~.random.Matter.- Vessel-solid@TBS
longHair~*Milk* Hair~ Butterflies@We<3RP
Bang/Bun Hair~*Milk* Hair~ Tokyo@WCF3
Heels~Blah. (My Cute Bow Platforms) Black@WCF3
Fur Collar~::LC:: Chinchilla Fur Collar -FLEXI@WCF3
Horns~Tabou Irresistible:: Chained Horns-Black@WCF3
Ankle Cuffs~*MUKA* Cuff Love@WCF3
Katanas~[CX] Katana Kanzashi -Silver@IrishGactah
Backpack~luxe. – Angelic -Black RARE@IrishGactah
Skirt~*BOOM* Minka Mini Ruffle (pitch)
Arms/hands~[-p] DemonBaby Gloves [Black]
Feet~Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Eyes~{D.A} Anime Eyes – Posessed&Marine
Collar/Bonnet~.tsg. Good Kitty Collar – Gothique

..::Lust Creations::.. Bubble goth headbands-Red/gold@IrishGactah