..The Skin For Us..

HELLOO RAGGERS! Tonight i bring you Skins by Skinnery for the Arcade! Which she never seems to disappoint when it comes to the arcade…i would know bc i have all of the past arcade ones L_L…but seriously these are so nice…The rares for this machine are  1. Naked as in no lipstick or shadows so basicly normal ,8.10 Lipsticks,and 9. Brow Covers for all tones,freckles,and blush!!….Ive took snaps of all the skins and use the freckles/moles for the skins…There are no other makeups on this skin that arent already on them…only thing extra im wearing on these are eyelashes! :3 It comes with 3 tones Champagne,Honey,and Toffe!…..So get to the arcade and get ur shop on!>:D You can do dis! Heres the landmark and here is the gotcha key!GOOOOOOODLUCK!!


..Jack Or Jill Hunt 3.0..

So Jack and Jill hunt has started today is day 2 of the hunt! theres over 40 stores in the hunt..some of your favorite stores ! Riske,Razor,Nerd Monkey,Swaggout,TartCake,AITUI and more!So get he hints and tp to the spots and get to hunting!^^ xoxox


❤  Female Sponsors:  Razor///Cynfulelskageek.K-CODEForever  YoungcheekyAdonessREIGNBabyDoll., & Zombie Suicide.


#00 Razor
Hint: Rogues do it from behind.
#01 [Cynful] Clothing & Co 
Hint: Oh gosh, i wish someone would come by and unpack the piles of packages. 
#02 elska
Hint: I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! 
-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
#03 geek.
Hint: There’s Royalty even among Geeks. =)
#04 K-CODE
Hint: Serenity is what you need!
#05 Forever Young
Hint: Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire..
#06 .:cheeky:.
Hint: Here you can rest.
#07 Adoness
Hint: Pour me some wine already!
Hint: The place a man will stand and wait while holding a woman’s purse.
#09 BabyDoll.
Hint: Too busy managing giftcards to worry about watering me…
#10 Zombie suicide
Hint: Things of the past tend to circle back around!!
#11 Holli Pocket
Hint: Trust NO bitch she says!
#12 Luckie
Hint: Wired Up, Hanging on a panda :) 
#13 Leri Miles
Hint: Find me where you find all you need every day…wallet…keys..lipstick..phone…brush
Hint: Want some choc chunks ?
#15 The Plastik
Hint: “Ascend, but be aware; Don’t trip!”
#16 [ bubble ]
Hint: Look for trouble!
#17 LadyLuck
Hint: I’m in boobies paradise!
#18 Sassy!
Hint: Window seats are the perfect place to watch the world go by… or find a hunt prize.
#19 1 Hundred
Hint: Look Up!
#20 Milk
Hint: caught you looking up her skirt!
Hint: These boots are made for walking.
#22 Pr!ck
Hint: Take a doritos break
#23 PiCHi
Hint: I look back in to the Store
#24 Panda Punx Body Shop
Hint: Kyri is Heartless
#25 Barely Legal Couture
Hint: “Can you sew in a straight line?”
#26 Epic
Hint: Rock on with some kawaii cuteness!
#27 S H O C K Factory
Hint: The best way for showing off!!
#28 ToXiC HiGh
Hint: Pretty in pink nail polish
#29 ILAYA 
Hint: go down the stap
#30 { dollle* }
Hint: Follow Us !!
#31 even.flow
Hint: Pick up your souvenir photo before you go!
#32 Love Zombie
Hint: How about a little Romance?
#33 Chary .
Hint: Nestled in a corner…
#34 The Little Bat
Hint: That doesn’t look like shoes!
#35 Pink Acid
Hint: Eye make your eyelids pop. Eye Am Blending In On A Wall
#36 Atooly
Hint: What’s in the side room?  PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#37 .ARISE.
Hint: Near something that covers a wall
#38 WickedNight – Nerdy Needs
Hint: Coffee Makes the world go round..
#39 Somnia
Hint: Have a seat and relax for a bit. 
#40 .::Pink Sugah::.
Hint: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of….
#41 Latreia FootFashions
Hint: If you got em… u need to wear these platform sneaks. Your haters will hate u even more.
#42 Greymoon
Hint: Shelter for sleeping is where you’ll find me
#43 [Beyond the Stars]
Hint: I like to swing life away eating skittles.
Hint: In the jungle the mighty jungle the _________ sleeps tonight
#45 Glitzz Store
Hint: “You should be tired! What about some rest?
#46 U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs
Hint: Caprice is one heck of a Lady! 
#47 PMS – Pimp My Sh!t
Hint: I’m too hot to handle
#48 LUST
Hint: “I see my reflection in the window; It looks different, so different than what you see”
#49 Catastrophe Designs
Hint: Vanity is easily forgiven, for we are all vain. 
#50 Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry
Hint: Elevator


❤  Male Sponsors:  Razor///TartCakeHollyWeird//elephante poses//,AITUIGrungeInkNerdMonkeyethamATELIER m+Kumaki Glasses Style, & R.i.s.k.e


#00 Razor
Hint: Rogues do it from behind.
#01 TartCake
Hint: Wear this to snuggle in the winter.
#02 HollyWeird
Hint: ‘Requiem for a Dream’
#03 //elephante poses//
Hint: Brayden you sure know how to pose!
Hint: High above the wounded nose
#05 GrungeInk
Hint: It never dies and only gets stronger with time.
#06 NerdMonkey
Hint: complete your outfit with formal stuffs  PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#07 etham
Hint: Find Jack!
#08 ATELIER m+
Hint: Trendy TARTAN
#09 Kumaki Glasses Style
Hint: Looking at pool
#10 R.i.s.k.e
Hint: Bombs of a feather flock together. 
#11 Insanya
Hint: Theres a cool cat around. Search for it.
#12 M.Inc.
Hint: Just look to the light
#13 Duh!
Hint: Have a seat by the fire
#14 Sour Pickles
Hint: “Check the hint giver”
#15 Goth1c0
Hint: “I shine like a diamond!….well no, more like a lamp but you get me” 
#16 :{MV}:
Hint: “Who the hell took my xanax?”
#17 Twizted & Reckless
Hint: Busty
#18 ::A&A::
Hint: Date Nights ARE Important!
#19 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: May the concrete force be with you!
#20 CnS e-motion
Hint: Old Enrique Iglesias song title.
#21 Grumble
Hint: I would run up the stairs faster if i had on my sneakers…
#22 Kaithleen’s
Hint: Look for the rose petals.
#23 Reckless
Hint: “It all starts with a sketch”
#24 Bangles And Baubles
Hint: Time to Check out!
#25 [:: JesyDream ::]
Hint: 2 versions includes …
#26 {W&R} – {Witches & Rats}
Hint: Look At My Pretty Nails !
#27 .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Hint: Mr Sandman, give me a dream~
#28 .: Fujiwara’s World :.
Hint: I’m pink! Oink Oink!
#29 SwaggedOut
Hint: It’s Game Over for you!
#30 AlterEgo Mens
Hint: Relax on the couch and look around.
#31 Demise of Flight
Hint: Up the steps, Strike a Pose, you’ll find your prize right under your nose.
#32 Zibska
Hint: Bird bird bird, the bird is the word !
#33 AsYLUM
Hint: Maybe not the kind of toys you had in mind.
#34 .:ellabella:.
Hint: Stairing at hearts
#35 -Excell-
Hint: It is green, but the Water comes in Ground…
Hint: I cover the light but im outta sight…. look to the sky… Im FAMOUS!
Hint: On the Shelf!
#38 [ZOOM]
Hint: I am completely random
#39 Citrus
Hint: It’s so cold you are going to need two layers.
#40 .:CoLLisions:.
Hint: Use the Force, Luke! PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#41 Loordes of London
Hint: Hats, hats and more hats!
#42 .twenty13
Hint: I mustache you a question. Are you an iron worker?
#43 ::Fe Style::
Hint: open your eyes,,,
#44 Banger Island Creations
Hint: Who doesn’t want a trophy wife?
#45 Warehouse 68
Hint: info boards are a good way to stay informed about new stuff
#46 hostyle shapes & poses
Hint: Rosa Parks sat waiting patiently…
#47 Reila Skins
Hint: “Shit happens. Doesn’t mean you have to step in it. But if you do I would buy a new pair of shoes.”
#48 Myrai Style
Hint: {What is your zodiac sign?} 
#49 .:VyC:. Men’s Bodyshop
Hint: Random
#50 Juxtapose
Hint: Just another brick in the wall.