..Bad Romance..


Okies So heres another post on the 100 block event brought to you by DN!! and i have alotf of sexy stuff coming your way for the event and alot of cute stuff but this mask is one of my favorite things as always Scrubs out did himself! Also Simple Candy’s Horns are effing :Q__ but enough with my babaling go shoping the sim opens up at 2mrrow!<2 hugs and lovings my little lust ragers! muah!<3


I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love

<33 Ugh 30 seconds to mars!!


…::: Scrub :::… Another Drink NEW@100 BLOCK EVENT

…::: Scrub :::… Do you have the time? NEW@100 BLOCK EVENT

::Modish:: Iva skins NEW@100 BLOCK EVENT

::Rack City:: WEAR ME Hush BodySuit Black NEW@100BLOCKEVENT

Simplecandy – Mesh Massacre Horns 10NEW@100BLOCK EVENT

Endless Pain-Demon tattoo NEW@100 BLOCK EVENT

*booN QPT129 hair black/chocolate/purple

– .HoD. – Bulletproof Piercing Collection – WITH NEW COLORS!

– .HoD. – Decay Piercing & Lip Tattoo Collection

– .HoD. – The Crosary – Female

[ni.Ju] Blood Tipped Claws

Lovely Disarray – Liner Set # 1 sleepy

{D.A} Doll Gloss Nude A

{D.A} Shattered – Cold






..Do you think about me still?..


SOoooOooo im back ladies and gents!! my harddrive went to shiznet o.o soi had to take it toget fixed :C but im back and gonna start bloging slowly and then speding it up again :] so heres my com back post …I FINALY GOT SHADOWS TO WORK ON THIS COMPUTER! so when i wanna do inworld pictures i can make them look cool :] HUGIES AND HAPPY SHOPING!


*Milk* My Stripped Mini MESH Black NEW

*T.Whore*-Sensuelle Garter Black Rose

– .HoD. – Decay Piercing & Lip Tattoo Collection NEW

– DAMNED – Cyber PuzzleDoll Eyes

-Glam Affair- Queen of Roses Black Soul @FaMESHed

…:::Scrub:::… Bit Nails (JACK AND JILL HUNT ITEAM)

<-Puncture-> Karma Nipple Piercings – Peace & Love (All Colors)@ Boobie Show

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Lala” Grays NEW

[d] Lush Breasts 1.3



MiWardrobe – The Metal Valentine Love – Necklace – B NEW

MiWardrobe – The Unique Rosary – Bracelet – Silver – B NEW

{D.A} Doll Gloss Nude A NEW

{D.A} Ose Eyeshadows NEW

thinking bout chu