..Meowingtons Hax..

Ookies sooo theres a mess ton of info for this hahah..Villena’s New realease of skirts and tops for C88’s aniversery,Pekka’s new percings @ the mens deparment thennnnn Blah. has eye patches every where \o/ and i love them alll yessss ….theennn Candy Doll has New shoes for slink feet! i ment to get black but made a mastack and clicked black zebra >.<…and the hair is actionly 2 hairs put together i love them together xD and new nail polish at Action!! happy shoping my lustragers…more posts coming soon bc thrift shop is back! and SLFW new round has started! 😀 xxoxoxox

.:villena:. – crop sweatshirt all colors @c88
.:villena:. – denim skirt light blue bleached@C88
.Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing – BLACK@TMD
.Pekka. Spiked Collar [Silver/Black Metal]@MBaM
Blah. (My SweetPatch)@The Box
Blah. (My Cupcake Patch)@MBaM
Blah. (My Toxxic Patch)@ Black Fair
_CandyDoll_ Oxygen Zebra NEW!

↓Other Items and more↓



.Thing.- Parlour Black and Sliver

.Pekka. PAULINE Make Up

::Zup:: Mesh Lady Watch Rock

RO – Duality ring

RO – Fierce Ring

2 Demon Eyes – Jm2 Designs


Dress down in color

Suki here !! :]

•—» :: Happy.Face :: Xasha Shape

•—» [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Sally] – [ Natural Porcelain ]

•—» !lamb. Our Deal – [ROYGBIV Pack]

In Colors ::

Chewed Bubble Gum :

Lush :

Otter Pop :

Lavender :

•—» .ID. Alien Eyes

In Colors :: Green, Purple, Blue

•—» :: AlterEgo :: Tee’s

In Colors ::

deadmau5 – pink :

diva – green :

getsleazy – aqua :

sex,drugs,dub – purple :

•—» .-Lowlifes-. Unisex Skinny jeans Dark

•—» …:::Scrub:::… My Muse Belt

•—» *BOOM* Armwarmers – Gunmetal

•—» MG – Necklace – Pearls – Black [Combo Short]

•—» Bytegang worlds – *DL* Breeze – Winter Ankle boots – Black

•—» …::: Scrub :::… Spyked Multicolor Nails

•—» …::: Scrub :::… Post-IT Tongue (In Love) [Gatcha Prize]

•—» -ZR- Leopard Tattoo