…::LustRage:: Nobuko Chain Luna & Leviathan…

New@Body Mod Expo!

The event will open on the 10th ((its open))
But this is the starter of my necklace collection :D…so happy shopping if any questions just ask other then that read the notecard before contacting me when purchasing :3

xoxox Bubsy


….Snapbacks and Tattoos….

Okies dokies everyone theres a new store out called .:{KyS ThiS}:. ,well its not so muh as of new buut hahah its got the name out everwhere :D…heres some of her newest tattoos in the store there is also a marketplace so go cheak it out :P…did i alss tell yall shes the best moma in der woooooorld!<3 😀  have fun and watch for her in up coming hunts too! 😀