Sooo Haii miss me? no? no? yah oki…. SOoOooo idk how many times ive quit blogging? lmao sooo not going to say im back butt i will sayy ill post when i feel like it sooo could bee once a month once a year llmaoo you get the point NO SPONSORS so please dont ask >….< im also not editing any of my pics whst you see will be raw shots :DD Blog post will not be on my flickr 😀 just here butt flickr linkyy

-Stuff I Was Born With-

Skin-Pink Fuel Crystal Pure
Brows- .random.Matter. Savage Brows
Eyes-Nox Asylum Black Out Eyes
Blood-Zombie Suicide Head Trauma Tattoo V4
Body-Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Hair-Moon She Waits II

-Stuff Covering My Nudes-
Top-Maitreya Crop Top Dark Grey
Pants-TonkTastic Cargo Pants Low rise
Shoes-TonkTastic Gumboots
-Stuff That Makes Me Original-
Head Chain-.random.Matter. LeLuna Head Chain
Glasses-.random.Matter. Bram Glasses
Nose Chain-.random.Matter. Orianthi Nose Chain
Necklace-WONTON Gold Plated bar
Backpack-Swallow Backpack Dark Secret Trust No Bitch Rare

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