New store: GARMR


Chloe here on a little update!                                                                                                   I’m currently re-branding my store “<NoodleDoodles> to GARMR.                                          And since many of you have asked ill just give a short explanation of what the name means. GARMR Is from Norse mythology, and I’ve always loved that, as I am Norwegian myself. GARMR is pretty much a huge ass dog, covered in blood that protects Hel and her kingdom of the death Helheim. (This probably sounds a bit nerdy). ANYWAYS! here s two brand new products that I have made for the re-branding! I hope you like it!


Click here for TP to temporary store


This is a unisex tattoo, it has both tattoo layers and different options and combinations. it comes in a faded version and also a fresh version!
It comes with these combinations:
Sleeves only
No paws
chest only
And full tattoo

150 L in our temporary store (Currently setting up a new store!)                                   

This add pretty much explains it all! and it can be found at the same location, for only 90L!


I hope you enjoy the products my loves, and its more to come!











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