..Jack Or Jill Hunt 3.0..

So Jack and Jill hunt has started today is day 2 of the hunt! theres over 40 stores in the hunt..some of your favorite stores ! Riske,Razor,Nerd Monkey,Swaggout,TartCake,AITUI and more!So get he hints and tp to the spots and get to hunting!^^ xoxox


❤  Female Sponsors:  Razor///Cynfulelskageek.K-CODEForever  YoungcheekyAdonessREIGNBabyDoll., & Zombie Suicide.


#00 Razor
Hint: Rogues do it from behind.
#01 [Cynful] Clothing & Co 
Hint: Oh gosh, i wish someone would come by and unpack the piles of packages. 
#02 elska
Hint: I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! 
-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
#03 geek.
Hint: There’s Royalty even among Geeks. =)
#04 K-CODE
Hint: Serenity is what you need!
#05 Forever Young
Hint: Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire..
#06 .:cheeky:.
Hint: Here you can rest.
#07 Adoness
Hint: Pour me some wine already!
Hint: The place a man will stand and wait while holding a woman’s purse.
#09 BabyDoll.
Hint: Too busy managing giftcards to worry about watering me…
#10 Zombie suicide
Hint: Things of the past tend to circle back around!!
#11 Holli Pocket
Hint: Trust NO bitch she says!
#12 Luckie
Hint: Wired Up, Hanging on a panda :) 
#13 Leri Miles
Hint: Find me where you find all you need every day…wallet…keys..lipstick..phone…brush
Hint: Want some choc chunks ?
#15 The Plastik
Hint: “Ascend, but be aware; Don’t trip!”
#16 [ bubble ]
Hint: Look for trouble!
#17 LadyLuck
Hint: I’m in boobies paradise!
#18 Sassy!
Hint: Window seats are the perfect place to watch the world go by… or find a hunt prize.
#19 1 Hundred
Hint: Look Up!
#20 Milk
Hint: caught you looking up her skirt!
Hint: These boots are made for walking.
#22 Pr!ck
Hint: Take a doritos break
#23 PiCHi
Hint: I look back in to the Store
#24 Panda Punx Body Shop
Hint: Kyri is Heartless
#25 Barely Legal Couture
Hint: “Can you sew in a straight line?”
#26 Epic
Hint: Rock on with some kawaii cuteness!
#27 S H O C K Factory
Hint: The best way for showing off!!
#28 ToXiC HiGh
Hint: Pretty in pink nail polish
#29 ILAYA 
Hint: go down the stap
#30 { dollle* }
Hint: Follow Us !!
#31 even.flow
Hint: Pick up your souvenir photo before you go!
#32 Love Zombie
Hint: How about a little Romance?
#33 Chary .
Hint: Nestled in a corner…
#34 The Little Bat
Hint: That doesn’t look like shoes!
#35 Pink Acid
Hint: Eye make your eyelids pop. Eye Am Blending In On A Wall
#36 Atooly
Hint: What’s in the side room?  PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#37 .ARISE.
Hint: Near something that covers a wall
#38 WickedNight – Nerdy Needs
Hint: Coffee Makes the world go round..
#39 Somnia
Hint: Have a seat and relax for a bit. 
#40 .::Pink Sugah::.
Hint: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of….
#41 Latreia FootFashions
Hint: If you got em… u need to wear these platform sneaks. Your haters will hate u even more.
#42 Greymoon
Hint: Shelter for sleeping is where you’ll find me
#43 [Beyond the Stars]
Hint: I like to swing life away eating skittles.
Hint: In the jungle the mighty jungle the _________ sleeps tonight
#45 Glitzz Store
Hint: “You should be tired! What about some rest?
#46 U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs
Hint: Caprice is one heck of a Lady! 
#47 PMS – Pimp My Sh!t
Hint: I’m too hot to handle
#48 LUST
Hint: “I see my reflection in the window; It looks different, so different than what you see”
#49 Catastrophe Designs
Hint: Vanity is easily forgiven, for we are all vain. 
#50 Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry
Hint: Elevator


❤  Male Sponsors:  Razor///TartCakeHollyWeird//elephante poses//,AITUIGrungeInkNerdMonkeyethamATELIER m+Kumaki Glasses Style, & R.i.s.k.e


#00 Razor
Hint: Rogues do it from behind.
#01 TartCake
Hint: Wear this to snuggle in the winter.
#02 HollyWeird
Hint: ‘Requiem for a Dream’
#03 //elephante poses//
Hint: Brayden you sure know how to pose!
Hint: High above the wounded nose
#05 GrungeInk
Hint: It never dies and only gets stronger with time.
#06 NerdMonkey
Hint: complete your outfit with formal stuffs  PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#07 etham
Hint: Find Jack!
#08 ATELIER m+
Hint: Trendy TARTAN
#09 Kumaki Glasses Style
Hint: Looking at pool
#10 R.i.s.k.e
Hint: Bombs of a feather flock together. 
#11 Insanya
Hint: Theres a cool cat around. Search for it.
#12 M.Inc.
Hint: Just look to the light
#13 Duh!
Hint: Have a seat by the fire
#14 Sour Pickles
Hint: “Check the hint giver”
#15 Goth1c0
Hint: “I shine like a diamond!….well no, more like a lamp but you get me” 
#16 :{MV}:
Hint: “Who the hell took my xanax?”
#17 Twizted & Reckless
Hint: Busty
#18 ::A&A::
Hint: Date Nights ARE Important!
#19 Hogs and Cart Wheels
Hint: May the concrete force be with you!
#20 CnS e-motion
Hint: Old Enrique Iglesias song title.
#21 Grumble
Hint: I would run up the stairs faster if i had on my sneakers…
#22 Kaithleen’s
Hint: Look for the rose petals.
#23 Reckless
Hint: “It all starts with a sketch”
#24 Bangles And Baubles
Hint: Time to Check out!
#25 [:: JesyDream ::]
Hint: 2 versions includes …
#26 {W&R} – {Witches & Rats}
Hint: Look At My Pretty Nails !
#27 .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
Hint: Mr Sandman, give me a dream~
#28 .: Fujiwara’s World :.
Hint: I’m pink! Oink Oink!
#29 SwaggedOut
Hint: It’s Game Over for you!
#30 AlterEgo Mens
Hint: Relax on the couch and look around.
#31 Demise of Flight
Hint: Up the steps, Strike a Pose, you’ll find your prize right under your nose.
#32 Zibska
Hint: Bird bird bird, the bird is the word !
#33 AsYLUM
Hint: Maybe not the kind of toys you had in mind.
#34 .:ellabella:.
Hint: Stairing at hearts
#35 -Excell-
Hint: It is green, but the Water comes in Ground…
Hint: I cover the light but im outta sight…. look to the sky… Im FAMOUS!
Hint: On the Shelf!
#38 [ZOOM]
Hint: I am completely random
#39 Citrus
Hint: It’s so cold you are going to need two layers.
#40 .:CoLLisions:.
Hint: Use the Force, Luke! PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW
#41 Loordes of London
Hint: Hats, hats and more hats!
#42 .twenty13
Hint: I mustache you a question. Are you an iron worker?
#43 ::Fe Style::
Hint: open your eyes,,,
#44 Banger Island Creations
Hint: Who doesn’t want a trophy wife?
#45 Warehouse 68
Hint: info boards are a good way to stay informed about new stuff
#46 hostyle shapes & poses
Hint: Rosa Parks sat waiting patiently…
#47 Reila Skins
Hint: “Shit happens. Doesn’t mean you have to step in it. But if you do I would buy a new pair of shoes.”
#48 Myrai Style
Hint: {What is your zodiac sign?} 
#49 .:VyC:. Men’s Bodyshop
Hint: Random
#50 Juxtapose
Hint: Just another brick in the wall.



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