Learn to hate me..

:hf: – [FROST’13] – “Solstice” Antlers – Carib (Black) [R] // MP/MP2
:hf: – [FROST’13] – “Solstice” Antlers – Burton (Black) [L] // MP/MP2
R.I.S.K.E – [FROST’13] – “Eclipse” Wings – Monochrome Pack – Noir

Full styling available, here.

LUSTRAGERS!!! I am hacking the Bubbyface to send you all heaps and heaps of love, and to all whom it apply, Happy Holidays!!! Be safe, be loved, live long and prosper in your New Years!! And if you feel a gentle brushing on your cheek at the stroke of midnight, don’t be alarmed it’s just me planting your New Years Kiss on ya! [;

xxxo, Suki ♥


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