We are truly lovers <3

Hey everyone! Me and Suki did a posty after we got back from a 80s event for club [Elysion] they have weekend events that are just awesomness i try not to miss them 😛 but sometimes i get busy haha…but anywhos…This was last weekends event and we thougth we were uber cutes! and we even kept Heather company x3….Ooow Kehl how you like us now we stole yo girlf or a weekend!!! :X haha anyways to my styling New Top at Pumpkin that is to die for and im in love with it ;~;…everything else is newish or randomly found in my invenotry xD to see Sukis styling is available here, on TWOWORDSHOTMESS!!! xoxoxox

[Pumpkin]Ripped top-white

[whatever] Franz Shorts – white

TRUTH HAIR Lyma – black & whites

The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Mint

{me.} Pearl Color Bracelets-green silver

::Zup:: Retro Glasses – Black

.Mes Sucreries. My Cutie Bow {Head} – White

^^Swallow^^ Bad Ring Silver


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