..Do you think about me still?..


SOoooOooo im back ladies and gents!! my harddrive went to shiznet o.o soi had to take it toget fixed :C but im back and gonna start bloging slowly and then speding it up again :] so heres my com back post …I FINALY GOT SHADOWS TO WORK ON THIS COMPUTER! so when i wanna do inworld pictures i can make them look cool :] HUGIES AND HAPPY SHOPING!


*Milk* My Stripped Mini MESH Black NEW

*T.Whore*-Sensuelle Garter Black Rose

– .HoD. – Decay Piercing & Lip Tattoo Collection NEW

– DAMNED – Cyber PuzzleDoll Eyes

-Glam Affair- Queen of Roses Black Soul @FaMESHed

…:::Scrub:::… Bit Nails (JACK AND JILL HUNT ITEAM)

<-Puncture-> Karma Nipple Piercings – Peace & Love (All Colors)@ Boobie Show

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Lala” Grays NEW

[d] Lush Breasts 1.3



MiWardrobe – The Metal Valentine Love – Necklace – B NEW

MiWardrobe – The Unique Rosary – Bracelet – Silver – B NEW

{D.A} Doll Gloss Nude A NEW

{D.A} Ose Eyeshadows NEW

thinking bout chu

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