What Vanna is wearing:

D E A D M A U 5 H E A D : Heads n Stuff – Valentinemau5

F I S H N E T : BASE13 WORK IT OUT ( 1 legger fishnet Pink )

H O L S T E R : *Boof.  Sweet Candy Holsters (black)

F L U F F I E S : *CT* Furbits Digi Fluffy Leg Warmers

U N D I E S : .::chipZy::. Pink/Aqua spank me panty’s

T O P : .:stickyfingers:. gifts

P I E R C I N G : .Pekka. chest studds UNISEX PIERCING


T A T T O O : […[D&B]…] Musical Notes  &&  {W&R} Little Miss Unperfect



Whats bubbles is wearing:

Tail->Digi (Pera) Tied Uni Tail

:: DJ Suki :: Unisex Tee – Black (Free Gift…if you wot one IM me Bubblespassion resident)

Jacket->* ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Rock Star [BOX]

Boots->::AlterEgo:: Furr Bootcovers

Taped fingers-> Nomine Gloves – taped full length

Jeans->[NV] Skinny Jeans -Leopard black-

Head->Heads N Stuff Valentinemau5


This look was imspired by our loving Dj Deadmau5! aka :Q___

when we watch the grammys and he was on it was ammmaazzziiing so there ya go 😀


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