…Oh Mikey Your So Fine You blow your Mind!…

Ooookies So like i saw this helmet and i was like GETTING IT! and with this it came with the bandaid nose  eye patch and another helmet with no bow :o…And i named it this bc its mikey ears 😀 the helmet is called Maus when u search on marketplace it will be there :P…then the middle fingers,tongue, and bangles was part of a pose set i got 😀 from vanna so here ya go and enjoy 😀

-SU!- Bloody Knees 01

-SU!- Thango Dress Red

.::MMT:::. Fuck you girl(Bangles,Tongue,and fingers)

.Pekka. Nose Bleed

.Pekka. Spinner Piercing

Chest percigs-<-PUNCTURE-> Imperial Upper Body Surface Piercing Set

Hair-[e] Quirky – Essentials Collection

DRD boots lazy reg black (Death Row)

Gawk! Black Nylon Tights

Filthy Cute – Maus(Helmet!)

~Pepper~ Bullet Shoulder Strap



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