….I Am Known Everywhere….

This is my Bittykins aka PonyBoy aka Kennzi ❤ ive known her for a year now and she had at least 50 million names hahahah

but they cant stop her she always comes back some way shape or form….litirly LOLOL…She has enmies and such but hey dont we all…shes as sweets as can be and she loves Dubby(dubstep) as much as i do she knows her bass like the back of her hadn 😀 heheh but like i said there will be alot od my friend and famliy on this blog so look out fot whos next!!!! <33 Hugies all!

shape: Ponyboy

 eyes: Damned-Anime eyes

rings: ::LEO-NT::-diamond bow ring set

skin: Al vulo-Matilde-pink fairy

 hair: Burley-babs-platinum

gloves: Glue Ink-Ree gloves (black)

shoes: HOC Industries-Platform Pumps

tattoo: S (and) P– Zebra Animal Tattoo

shirt: Twhore– I ❤ Newyork-white

pants: Twhore-Yellow

Piercing- ~Pepper~ Star Plug


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