….Factorie…Jinkies Sunkiller

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Jinkies Sunkiller Owner of -Factorie Shapes- and Clothing

Along with Happy.Face(sister store) Factoire has been hitting the market like know other Shapes,CLothes,Group Gifts,and More…Factorie has been opened for about 4 months now and is doing very while! she has 2 stores one on the birdy sim and on her own sim which she has her own mall with 2 other stores there 😀 she has just released about 6 new shapes and is also going to be active in the blackout sales day on the alterego sim so biiiiggg saaallleeess Jinkies is also a artist and her clothes are wild and colofull but hey who doesnt like color…she has over 10 items of clothing in her store and more to come soon! in her other side of her store there is her shapes…she has updated them very while and has a 1L shape sitting outside of her store! so go get it ❤ everything is 50Ls and wothe it…u will not regret anything if buying a shape or a item of clothing from her ❤ So go on to the amazing Jinkies Sunkillers shop -Factorie Shapes/Clothing- its waiting for yoooou!!


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