…More New Ness at Happy.Face!…

Happy.Face Shapes has released 6 new shapesMutini,Colbi,Latine,Sula,Jaci,and Sophi Now 100Ls its her new line of shapes and comes with style cards with the very creative styling…..In this past few months that Happy.Face has been open she has been hitting the Market sharp along with her sister store -Factorie Shapes-…Happy.Face has the total of 3 stores @ DRD,Factoire shapes sim,and Rawrr all which you can find…Marketplace is full of goodies as while. when you reseve you shape they are copy and mod….so before you wanna edit u make sure you have you copy…But trust me you wont wanna mod them at all they are all very good qulity..BUT she also does personal requests for those who want something with a lil bit of extra ….Remind you she is Adriana Steampunk and shes making a movement So when she hits you inventory with a BAM! it will be worth your wild 😉 Also on the 2/12/12 she will be partying it up with her other sister stores 😀 so head down there on the 12th and make sure your in the vip group!(Alterego)…Other then that watch out for more of Happy.Face aka Adriana Steampunk!

:: Happy.Face :: @ RAWR!

:: Happy.Face :: @ Goblins


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