…Yous a Stupid Hoe…


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Okies everyone there looks like theres seems to be some comfusion haha I always say where things come from…Yes i do look at other blogs for ideas or something if i want a hair or w/e my favorite blog is WornClothes love it to death so if she is wearing a cute item then heck yea imma go get it and blog the item then say where i got the idea from or the item So not once do i give myself full creadit or anything……the places i go and see is bc of my friends and famliy and my favorite blog…so for those who have a problem…meh 😛 Its named stupid hoe bc i love the song >_< and i like the part Look Bubbles! 😀 so in the video she has cheeta spots so now i got a tatto from Pekka and here it is 😀 Enjoy everyone 😉

Shape-:: Happy.Face :: Colbi(NEW)

.:cheeky:. Mickey Mouse F*ck you Top!Black(Top)(PrivateRoom store)

.Pekka. Leopard Tattoo

: Amorous : You (Braclets)

[e] Quirky – Essentials Collection(Hair)

dl:: jean skirt low rise black (DirtyLand store)

DRD bootslazy 3 (box) reg black (Death Row)

MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS – candy gloss(Glasses)

Salt & Pepper – Pretty Reckless Tattoo(the crown at the neck)


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