…Look Bubbles!…

[GLUE INK] Crop Tops (Black)

 .:LC:. Jeans Blueraseberry(Lust Creations Jeans coming soon!!)

 .Pekka. Spinner Piercing UNISEX

DEF! Shopping Bag/Belt/Studded/Black

 S (and) P – Lady Rebel Tattoo(Salt adn Pepper main store)

[BURLEY]_Ana_Blacks (Lower part)

[BURLEY]_Babs_Blacks (Upper part)

DRD bootslazy 3 (box) reg black    

SooOOOoo My favorite bloger in sl Kathya has done it! shes posted away to make the hair Babs even more cute…ive spent forever trying to figure out how its made longer,,i though i had got the wrong hair adn everything hahah but all it was was a defferent hair part which is the lower half of Ana…..Thank You Kathya!! ❤ there for i had to post it and im happy now sof for the next few blogs u will be seeing this hair sorry roofl

Also more news ive just started making clothes and will soon have a marketplace if i get alot of feedback soon ill be opening a lil store :O tell then! ill will post when ill have my jeans and leggings and shirts when i find a good template…and yes i use templates..im to crazy and imptionat to make make clothes roofl ❤ anywasy hugs everyone and have a great night/day/evening!!!


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