…Drop The Bass!…

Drop The Bass! Okies so everyone know how much i love my Dubstep and my Bass and that its like sex to me sooOooo I found a Shirt on MP that said “Sex,Drugs,Dubstep”. What Else do you neeedddd!? So here it is now that i finaly blog it hahah..Enjoy everyone!!! Also the headphones are awessome…its color chanable and you can choose like 8 colors might be more LOLOL resizing too!

.Pekka. Zassy Piercing

: Amorous : Audiopunk Headphones

:: alterego :: ToxxiKickz – .:SuckerPunch:. – Red   :: Happy.Face :: Jaci Shape(GroupGift)

 Loose SweatPants Grey BLK2.0 Prod(Balkanik main store)

Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie – Black

 fri.day – Tatum – Blonds – Anxious Blond  


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