…Its A Shappy World…

Adriana Steampunk and Jinkies Sunkiller Wifies,Besties,Partners,and more.Now are Owners of there own shape/clothing stores.

Adriana ak Suki aka Dj Suki is Owner of Happy.Face and is on the move on sl she has been Djing for years now in her sl and now has stores at DrD(Death Row Designs) and One of the biggest neko stores in sl Rawr..On Febuary 12,2012 she will be DJing at Alterego for the BlackOut 24 hour party its group access only aswhile sooOOo get in the group 😛 (Alterego vip group)…She also Dj’s at Club Rez and Ambrosia What no one has yet to seen is that she is about to expload with alot of love and suprizes that will rock the SL shopping and stores ;D so watch out bc the steampunk is on the move bishes! ;D she is not only my wiffy and best friend she is a loyal  person that will respect you if you respect her…if you dont…well dont say i warned you :P…Happy.face has a group invite at the store intrance and group gifts 😀 she is still busting her butts to get more items in her store so be prepeard o.o  So get your butts down to Happy.Face and get a shape or 10 😀 hehe More to come on Happy.face aswhile shapes are on sale now for 150Ls!!



Jinkies Sunkiller aka Jinkies 😀

Jinkies is owner of Factorie Shapes the sister store of Happy.face and a Aussie tell the day she dies 😉 Oi Oi Bish….her store started with just shapes then she moved to jeans and tops…so now she has a lil bit of other things for you all :D……she a free spirited women and strong  if she has to she will kick you in the knee to get what she wants 😀 50L shapes and items! so get on down to that store too and buy a shape or 10 o.o 😛

Like myself she is always a bloger she changes clothes most likely 5 times a day so she posts about every day or so…so get ready bc as Kesha says “Its about to bloooooow!”





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