…Epic Never Fails/This Is War!…

(:;S&S;:) Tiered Skirt(From Amerie)

*Epic* Basic Faun Legs {Black}

*Epic* Cropped Military Jackets {Classic Pack}

.Pekka. Zassy Piercing

:: Happy.Face :: Jaci Shape(Group Gift)

:GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears

DirtyLand: emo poem tattoo

Magika: Promise(Hair)

~Pepper~ Bullet Shoulder Strap

Threw my sl life i have been any kind of animal or fantasy that i could imagine…Neko…Furry…Deer..Fuan…Elf..something with a tail hahah But ive grown to love the store Epic…..most of my fantisy items come from there legs,antlers,wings, lollipop backpacks XD,and more…Epic has been around for about 2 years or longer….ive been shoping there for almost a year now and nothing ever fails if someone asks me where do i get  fuan legs…ill tell them stright..”Go to Epic”…..JADE HUN YOU ROCK DONT STOP! XD Or the world will cry epic tears :< heheh   She has VIP Group Gifts and Lucky Bords Group fee is about 250Ls and trust me its worth it and you wont ever leave it neither….theres even a lil photo booth so when you get done shoping can take a snapshot of you new look 😀  Now its a big store so take yourtime when going around  and seeing the fea/fairies and eveeeeeeeerything!!

I hope you all enjoy it there!! loves and hugs   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vanima%20Shee/131/81/23


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